VetPrep would like to recognize the authors and contributors of images and other content to the VetPrep program.

With a combination of recently graduated veterinarians and leading clinical specialists and instructors, VetPrep combines recent board exam experience with unparalleled expertise in development of high quality and pertinent NAVLE® review material.

Question Writers and Content Contributors

  • Jason Arndt, DVM DACVIM (Cardiology)
  • Ashley Ayoob, DVM DACVIM (Small Animal Internal Medicine and Emergency Critical Care)
  • Benjamin Bayer, DVM (Small Animal Surgery)
  • Jennifer Bentley, DVM
  • Robert BonDurant, DVM (Large Animal Theriogenology)
  • Fernando Campos Chillon, MS, DVM, PHD, DACT
  • Matthew Cannon, DVM DACVR
  • Munashe Chigerwe, BVSC MPH PHD DACVIM (LAIM)
  • Nicole Cohen, DVM
  • Ed Cooper, DVM DACVECC (Emergency and Critical Care)
  • Randy Cross, DVM DACVIM (Neurology)
  • Keith DeJong, DVM DACVP (clinical pathology)
  • Mauricio Dujowich, DVM DACVS (Small Animal Surgery)
  • Julie Fischer, DVM DACVIM (Internal Medicine)
  • Heather Flaherty, DVM DACVP (Clinical Pathology)
  • Patricia Gaffney, DVM MPH DACVP (Pathology)
  • Ira Gordon, DVM DACVR (Radiation Oncology)
  • Bill Gross, DVM DACVR (Radiology)
  • Lori Hehn (Winters), DVM (Small Animal Practice)
  • Bradford Holmberg, DVM DACVO (Ophthalmology)
  • Carrie Jurney, DVM DACVIM (Neurology)
  • Ingar Krebs, DVM (Small Animal Surgery)
  • Steve Leshem, DVM DACVS (Small Animal Surgery)
  • Felicia Lew, DVM
  • Kevin Mallery, DVM DACVIM (Internal Medicine)
  • Michael Martin, DVM MPVM ACPV (Poultry Medicine)
  • Elizabeth Mitchell, DVM DABVP (Avian and Exotic Medicine)
  • Dean Morgan, DVM DACVS (Large Animal Surgery)
  • Carrie Palm, DVM DACVIM (Internal Medicine)
  • Jackie Parker, DVM
  • Juan Pavez, DVM DACVA (Anesthesiology)
  • Paul Plummer, DVM DACVIM (Food Animal Internal Medicine)
  • Alex Ramirez, DVM MPH DACVPM (Porcine Medicine)
  • Brian Scansen, DVM DACVIM (Cardiology)
  • Stephen Shaw, DVM DACVIM (Medical Oncology)
  • Bradford Smith, DVM DACVIM (Large Animal Medicine)
  • Laura Stokking, PHD DVM DACVD (Dermatology)
  • Sameer Trivedi, DVM, DACVIM (Internal Medicine)
  • Dave Van Metre, DVM DACVIM (Food Animal Medicine)
  • Seth Wallack, DVM DACVR (Diagnostic Radiology)
  • David Wong, DVM DACVIM DACVECC (Equine Medicine and Emergency Critical Care)
  • Ashley Zehnder, DVM (Avian and Exotic Medicine)
  • Jeff Zuba, DVM (Zoological and Wildlife Medicine)
  • Allison Zwingenberger, DVM DACVR (Radiology)

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